Terms & Conditions

Grooming Services

  1. Only available for dogs of any breed below 10kg.
  2. Pet must not be aggressive in nature.
  3. Pet groomer has the right to reject if found unsuitable for grooming.
  4. First come, first served policy, by Whatsapp confirmation or email confirmation by dog/cat owner.
  5. Any pet found to have flea/tick/lice will be disallowed immediately, with no exceptions. For mild cases, de-tick fees will apply.
  6. Pet owner is responsible to inform pet groomer of any skin irritations or allergies upon registration via online form.
  7. Pet owner must provide correct information about the Client’s skin and health conditions upon registration.  If pet owner is unsure, pet groomer has the right to seek opinion from nearest vet and any charges occurred from this event will be bore by pet owner.
  8. Sick/injuries/elderly/underage pets may expose underlying health problems that pet groomer shall not be held liable for and is entirely at pet owner’s risk.
  9. Please adhere to the appointment times given. Your appointment will be automatically cancelled if no show 15 minutes after the given appointment time.
  10. Pet owner is responsible to inform pet groomer if running late or wish to postpone the grooming appointment. Failure to do so will result in being blacklisted.
  11. Payment accepted are Cash or Touch N Go e-wallets only.
  12. Pet owners are not allowed to wait at the grooming premises to avoid pet being stressed and excited during grooming.